Sunday 5 March 2017

Blood Eagle - First Warband.

Pointed up the first warband for  Blood Eagle. A pretty simple process but each individual needs to be thought about and the figure looked at.

Meet the small retinue of Jarl Erlend...

l-r Bjarne, Gudrod, Jarl Erlend, Magnhild, Sigurd.
Jarl Erlend.
A young nobleman, who having just inherited his title of Jarl is keen to prove himself.
Fate: 2+ FV: +3 SV: +1 Spd: +0 AV: 12
Traits: Hero (3), Leadership +1, Tough, Silver Tongue
Equipment: Hand Axe, Mail Byrnie, Shield, Helm, Short Sword
(Points: 70)

The younger sister of Erlend.
Fate: 3+ FV: +3 SV: +2 Spd: +2 AV: 9
Traits: Fanatic, Tough
Equipment: Spear, Dagger, Shield
(Points: 50)

Known as "The Hunter". An older, more experienced man assigned to 'look out' for Erlend.
Fate: 3+ FV: +3 SV: +4 Spd: +0 AV: 9
Traits: Skirmisher, Manyshot, Hawkeye
Equipment: Sword, Dagger, Bow, Mail Byrnie
(Points: 58)

A beserker who tends to follow wherever Gudrod goes.
Fate: 3+ FV: +3 SV +0 Spd: +0 AV: 7
Traits: Beserk, Fanatic, Tough
Equipment: Axe (2-Handed)
(Points: 45)

A young warrior and friend of Erlend.
Fate: 5+ FV: +2 SV: +0 Spd: +0 AV: 12
Traits: None
Equipment: Sword, Dagger, Mail Byrnie, Helm, Shield
(Points: 30)

Figures are all Wargames Foundry apart from Jarl Erlend who is a Gripping Beast figure.


Mallius Vane said...

A fearsome bunch!

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