Saturday, 31 January 2015

Lion Rampant test game - Angry Highlanders!

We managed to get a quick test game of Lion Rampant played at the first of our monthly 'Friday Night Firefight' at Wayland Games. Chris (the only one to have played before) and I played some mean looking Highlanders and Andrew and Rob took up arms as axe wielding Islanders.

No game report as it was just a test game, an opportunity for Chris to teach us the rules!

The Islanders were ultimately successful due to a lot of 'wild charges' by our angry rabble...

Some pics from the game -

Excellent set of rules, quick to learn and very instinctive. The disorganised chaos when troops refuse to act, or worse begin to do things you don't want them to, provides a great fun game. Although a 'medieval' set of rules, they seem pretty easy to adapt to any period. There are even suggestions for generic fantasy troops. I have already picked up some ideas for Viking / Saxons from one of the forums and have some ideas for a scenario already. Can't wait to play again!

All figures supplied and painted by Chris.


Ant Master said...

Initial impressions that this is a very fun game. Yellow dots indicate that the unit has already been activated (or failed too) and the individual square based figure indicates the unit is blown/winded .

Robafett said...

Yes played well and with more tactical play than the losing player would have you believe.

One thing we need to use is the dispersed unit bases. Having re-skimmed the rules we should have kept 3" away from other units including our own, with the regular blocks that isn't easy on a small table.