Saturday, 13 April 2013

More Viking Warriors Join the Warband...

Some additions to the slowly growing Viking Horde. Some of these mean looking fellows (and ladies) have already played parts in the previous scenario but here they get a proper introduction...

Young nobles (Sturaesman) Erlend and Kraki.

A small group of archers.

Thoruiv "the Flatulent" with Oddløg and Sturla.

"Big" Bergthor flanked by Asgaut and Halli. 

Gudrød the Hunter with Hrefna and Sonja.

Jarl Skallagrim with guards Tosti and Velief.

Figures are all Foundry apart from Erlend and Kraki who are the freebie figures from Gripping Beast and Jarl Skallagrim from Artizan.