Monday, 26 March 2012

Viking Bondi.

A small band of Viking Bondi spearmen on the prowl...

Hneaf and Wonred.

Aldhelm and Yrmenlaf.

Unferth and Breca.

Heoden and Guthlaf.

Snorri and Folcwalda.

Ensi and Oswine.

Theodric and Ongentheow.

The men begin to form the shield wall.

Figures are all Wargames Foundry.

Monday, 12 March 2012

Long Time No Post...

Been off working on other things so the old Viking and Saxons have been neglected of late! Dug a load of it out after concentrating on some WWII, Darkest Africa and Fantasy and decided it was time to get going again.

Just a quick pic of newer Saxon stuff to be worked on and finished with a few old faces...

The Saxon Horde gathers!

Some folk at the club are expressing some interest in playing Saga at some point, so a good motivator to get going again!
The Saxon figures above are mainly Gripping Beast with a few base-coated Vikings by Foundry.