Saturday, 16 July 2011

Viking Horde!

Nearly done! Been ages since I posted anything (distractions including real life and other projects) but my 'Viking' project is almost there. Thought it was about time to take a couple of pics to record where I have got to so far.

There are about seventy or so miniatures here, most are complete other than finishing touches on their bases and a few need some flesh work or other bits and bobs.

There are a few Saxons in the background of the above too. Again, they are all but done, though they need a splash of varnish and the bases flocked.

I also need to finish the handful of villagers and the Longship. No livestock yet, or indeed anything else for the Vikings to actually help themselves to!

Quite a scary looking bunch from this angle!!

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Amazing Saxon Village

Was just looking at some blogs and found this amazing Saxon village created by Rodger of Rebel Barracks and his group. Check his blog out for some fantastic pics!

I want one!!