Monday, 22 July 2013

Jarl Brak arrives...

Beckoned from the homeland by his brother Jarl Skallagrim, the great Hersir Jarl Brak arrives at Osea and disembarks the first of his warband...

Jarl Brak and his warband gather.

Þorbjörn the skald, Jarl Brak and little brother "Svein" Dak.

Úlfr Uggason, Kormákr "the Ax" and Frakk "Five Bellies".

Viglek, Toki and Ønef.

Skarth, Hort "the Mölva" and Hróðvitnir "the Fierce".

Agnar, Gøttrik and Hvitserk.

Braks bodyguard, the sisters Alvild, Sela and Irpa.

Cover your eyes! Thyra, Sygrutha and Unni.

Two Dvergar brothers Sindri and Brokkr flank Harthegrepa "the Mother".

Jarl Brak awaits his brother...

 Figures are all Wargames Foundry apart from the two Dvergar who are old Citadel Norse Dwarfs.


Sean said...

Fantastic figures with a lot of character. Love the names as usual. Also gotta love the "valkyries" Thyra, Sygurtha and Unni.

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