Saturday, 28 May 2011

Not much to report...

Unfortunately have not managed to get a lot done over the past week or so. Got some basic flesh shading done on about 19 Vikings and 9 villager types but not a lot else, certainly nothing worthy of a photo!
On a plus note I think I have the basic idea for the first scenario, very much based on an idea by the influential Paul @ 'The Man Cave'. The scenario in question, "Ambush at Bruthweald" is a great idea (I always enjoy reading his battle reports!) and I reckon is a good place for our own game to begin.

As an aside, although I had no intention of there being any 'fantasy' element in our Viking/Saxon campaign I couldn't resist a dip into the past when a found an old Ral Partha 'Frost Giant' on ebay. I always remember him in the old Citadel 'Blue Blur' catalogue and was overcome with nostalgia and picked him up!

 He is the fella on the bottom left of the picture. In all honesty he needs a bit of work painting and basing wise but here he is with a few berserks from the warband of Rurik the Restless...

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