Saturday, 14 May 2011

Progress this week

Actually not that much done this week to be honest! Little bit more painting done on the Gripping Beast Saxon / Viking warband (still can't decide what they are yet...) and some bases started.
Also selected what I think will be the final batch for painting - some more really nice Foundry and Artizan figures plus a few 'villager' types. No doubt I will paint more at some point as I still have a mix of old Citadel Norse and some remaining Gripping Beast shieldwall folk but for now I want to finish what I have done and get to work on the Revel Viking longship I recently picked up!

 The GB Viking / Saxon warband (one figure complete!)
 The final warband group to be painted (for now anyway)

The villagers (Foundry Vikings) plus a few stragglers in the background from the old Citadel 'Norse' range.

Group shot!

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Man Cave said...

Some great figs there, I have a few of those Foundry peasant ladies in my village too!